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What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are not for everyone, but they are a fun and fashionable option for many. Typically, when you think about hair extensions, you are reminded of Paris Hilton and other celebrities who actually have medium length hair, and use extensions to wear long hair without any noticeable detection. Hair extensions are also associated with actors and actresses who need longer hair for their television and movie roles. An example that comes to mind with is John Travolta in the movie Pulp Fiction. Hair extensions were used to give his hit man character, Vincent Vega, the long hair that made his character work.

Extensions are typically made of human hair, and can be colored or permed, blown dry, set with rollers, curling iron, or flat iron. In other words, hair extensions are treated exactly like your own hair. Extensions are usually used to allow women the luxury of having longer hair. There are many reasons why this may be desired. The obvious reason is when someone wants longer hair, but doesn�t want to wait a year or two to allow it to grow to that desired length. A client can come into the salon, consult with their hair stylist (length, color, wave, pattern, etc.), and walk out a few hours later with long hair that looks and feels natural.

Hair extensions are also used to give a person with thin hair, a fuller and/or longer look. If you have thin hair and always wanted a thick head of hair, you can achieve that with extensions. One caution: you can�t get good fullness on the top if you have a male-pattern thinness. However, if you have a thin or stringy look to your hair, you can achieve a full head of hair. Another option is to put a few extensions with highlights, or any different color into your existing hairstyle. Frequently, clients would like some highlights or lowlights in their hair, but are concerned about additional coloring due to weak or thin hair. This is a perfect situation for hair extensions that can be strategically placed with highlights or any desired color.

Extensions are typically applied with one of two methods. One method is a bonding technique, where a bonding material is heated-up and used to attach a hair extension to the existing hair. Another method is a tiny metal apparatus that attaches the extension to the existing hair. Both work equally well and are fairly permanent.

You can expect your new hair to last approximately six months. After that time, you need to either reapply, or just remove your hair extensions. A word of caution: a full head of hair can take a few hours to apply, and just as long to remove.

If you are opting for a little extra hair or some additional color with the extensions, it can frequently be done in one hour or less. This is a fun procedure for many people, and a useful tool for someone who is looking for a new look. Please consult with your hair stylist in order to research your options.

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