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Why Liscio Hair Straightening?

Liscio hair straightening system is by far, the most advanced system in today’s hair care technology because it can be done on any hair type, and hair that has been colored, treated, or bleached. The Liscio system contains a specially formulated solution, which is gentle to the hair, requires much less heat during the procedure, thus leaving it in a beautiful condition.

People who have hair that was damaged from previous hair straightening methods, can actually see that their hair condition improved after the Liscio procedure. The hair straightening techniques combined with an exclusive formula, make Liscio stand out as the best hair straightening procedure today.

Hair straightening does require a thorough technical knowledge of the hair relaxing procedure as it is a very complicated process. Therefore, it should always be performed by a hair stylist with heavy experience in hair straightening, and our staff are trained and certified by Liscio.

If you are suffering with frizzy and hard to manage hair, then our service is for you because we will make it straight, smooth, and manageable.

There are some people who just want the best!
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